celebrating our success:
meet our designer

Nesreen Ibrahim

CEO & Co-founder of Fazeena


I believe that the world is a small place, every little thing we encounter in life leaves its mark on us. For a fashion enthusiast travelling around the world, getting exposed to different cultures got me to want to create stylish chains for glasses that really broaden the definition of chains. 

While riding the subway or exploring beautiful villages away from the city, or lounging at the beach, the idea was born. As a person who can’t go a day without wearing glasses, I was often faced with forgetting them where I last was or having my glasses scratched if I crammed them into my bag, it even reached a point where I looked for my glasses while I was actually wearing them.

On one of my holiday trips to Croatia with my husband, I lost my sunglasses during a hike and I was very upset about it because I loved that pair. My lovely husband saw the frown on my face and as soon as we were back from our hike, he got me a new pair of sunglasses.

I decided I wasn’t going to lose my sunglasses again and that’s when the idea of sunglasses chains was born in my mind. So on the next day, my husband got me some materials and I began designing some glasses chains.

Designing accessories and jewelries wasn’t something new to me but rather a long-lost passion. When I was a child, I was obsessed with recycling my mother’s old necklaces and bracelets; I would take the beads out of the accessories and create a completely new design out of it. Some of my accessories were praised by my teachers and schoolmates. So when I made my first glasses chain I realized that this was my calling, it was time for me to pursue my passion.

One night I went to my husband and told him I wanted to start my own jewelry brand. My husband supported my idea and promised he would help me. We bought all the materials we needed, and I started working on my designs, which were mostly inspired by the things that had touched me during my life, like my childhood home, the different cultures I had seen during my holiday trips, and just about everything in my life.

And this was how Fazeena was born and I found my partner in business.